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Are You A Woman Warrior?

Come Find Out!

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This community is based on strong minded females. Females who can do anything they desire, by putting their minds to it! We are kind and gentle, but still have a bitch side to us when we need it. If for any reason there is a problem within this community please contact countessa_rose. Think you're tough enough? Take your best shot!

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1) Must join the community, and make it a friend
then post your application.
2) Copy the application and paste it into a new journal
entry, it is already in LJ-cut form
3) DO NOT mess with the application, doing so will get
you an automatic rejection. Make sure to show A LOT of effort
4) No Rich Text- messes up all my hard work.
5) DO NOT post anything, until you have been accepted by
one of the Head- Mods
6) To prove that you have read the rules, make sure your
subject says " I'm Totally a Warrior"
7) Never be rude to a stamped member, or else you'll be
BANNED. No acceptions!
8) This is a "rating community" if you can't handle that
then don't apply
9) Promoting is allowed, BUT only under an LJ-cut
10) If you happen to be rejected, you may try again in 2
days, using different pictures and adding to your
thoughts and opinions.
11) YOU MUST post an application within 72 hours of joining,
if not you will be BANNED


1) Make every entry friends only, please!
2) Vote, and promote as much as possible
3) Don't worry about going on vacation and being
inactive, just let a head mod know!
4) When voting on an application, PLEASE put your
decision in the subject. And give details on
why you chose what you chose
5) Participate in scavanger hunts, and anything else!
6) HAVE FUN!!!!
7) And please don't say "no" to an applicant because
of their pictures.
8) If you want to promote in this community, you MUST
promote us back and Provide links. Otherwise, we will
delete the post!

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Head Mods


furbygurl 315 points
halo_of_thorns 50pts
lonely_punk 221 points

14 Members as of August 24, 2005!

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The points will never be erased. They just keep adding up, who
ever has the most at the end of the month will be MOTM!

1) For each banner (accept/reject/promo) you make, you
will receive 3 points. (Make as many as you would like)
2) Each picture of yourself, you will receive 3 points.
(Post as many as you would like!)
3) Participating in the "Scavanger Hunt" and finding
everything, you will receive 40 points.
4) Updating about how your life is going
(please only do this once a week), you will receive 10 points.
5) Giving us a possible Theme idea, will give you 5 points.
6) Participating in weekly surveys, will get you 10 points
7) Promote people to this community, and get them to say so!
You'll recieve 5 points!
8) Participate in anything myself, or the other head mods post and recieve the amount of points they say!
9) Promote and show us the links. 2 points a piece!

Spending Points
~75 points you can use for an auto accept or reject
~100 points you can challenge someone, who ever

loses has to leave *but can reapply*
~200 points you can promote here without
promoting us back
~300 points I will make you a personalized name
~750 points you can be Co Head Mod for a week

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Second Scavanger
*choo choo bear
*Gucci watch
*Anna Nicole Smith
*a yellow diamond
*a convertible
*a flying saucer
*a department store
*Jake Gyllenhaal

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Want to be a sister? let us know! Do this by contacting one of the mods

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Lasik Chapel Hill