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Jen ♥

I'm Totally a Warrior

Name: Jen
Age: 13 .. well 14 in 10 days :)
Birthday: 2nd Oct
State?: England
Sexual Prefernece: Straight
How did you find out about us?: iximisspiggyixi
Why do you deserve to be here?: Because I'm active, fun and a strong willed person. I NEVER give up. :)

List 3 favorite....
Bands: Oasis, The Libertines, Black Eyed Peas.
Actors: John Travolta, Ashton Kuthcer,Shane Rithie (Couldn't think)
Actress's: Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez.
Stores: River Island, Republic, Warehouse.

Give us your opinions
Teen Pregnancy?: People shouldn't have sex unless their 16 or older, although I am no longer a virgin and I am definatley not proud of that. I don't agree with teenage pregnancy, but I do understand that some people get themselves in trouble by havin sex, like I did. I think we need more talks on sex and preganncy in schools and more free condoms so if, when ready, you want to have sex with someone you're serious about, you should be safe from pregnancy.
Gay Marriages?: Love is love. I don't think I've heard of a law stating that you must fall in love with someone of the oppisite sex. I don't believe love is about what 'bottom' parts we have, it's about the heart and mind. And both male and females have the same heart and brain. Love is love, end of.
The War?: I don't think we should make war to solve our problems. Really it just causes more problems. If the to conflict countries could just sit and talk through there differences, like would be much more easier and peaceful.
Abortions?: Every community I've applied for asks this opinion so it's obviously a serious topic. I believe abortions depend on what the woman wants to do. People have beliefs that abortions should not be done, but I think the woman is in control of her own body and that no-one can tell her what to do with it.

Show and Tell
What makes you Tough Enough for Woman Warriors?: I am not an easy person to break. I don't let things get to me easily and I am strong enough to help people with their problems, aswell as my own.
What's the worst thing, emotionally, that has happened to you. And who did it? How did you overcome?: Like I said I'm not easy to hurt, probably my Nannas death. (There is something else that hurt me alot, but I'm still not quite over it enough to talk about it yet, sorry)
Tell us a joke, we LOVE to laugh:
Promote us to 2 places, and provide links.(Don't be too lazy to just click the promo banner link!)
Adjectives that describe the woman warrior in you ( Strong, will-powered etc.) brave, strong, will-powered, honest, helpful, determent.

Post atleast 3 pictures, 7 at the most.
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